Certificate in Human Resources Management (Level 3)

This program is delivered by our approved learning centre - Brentwood Open Learning College. BOLC is one of the UK's leading online and distance learning platforms specialising in online learning and Open College courses.

Associate Designation Certificate

The Human Resource Certificate course can be completed in your own time. You will graduate with an Associate Certificate in Human Resources from CIMC and a Certificate in Human Resources from BOLC.

In order to qualify for an Associate Certificate, you will need to:

  • Successfully complete the BOLC certificate/diploma program.
  • Have one year's minimum experience in Human Resources.

About the Course

Online human resources training is ideal for employees and managers alike. This online training is self paced but continuous support will be available from a caring and knowledgeable tutor whom you can contact for your questions and concerns. Whether you have entered into the world of human resources management by choice or your job promotion and professional success are the reasons for you to enter this field; the basic principles remain the same: you not only want to have the job done, but you want to have it done with the support of good team- the people who work professionally, ethically and cooperatively for the achievement of common goals.

Human resources management is considered a vital part of the basic management procedures and the course focuses on the development of managerial skills for ultimate benefit of organisational personnel policy. Specific topics covered on this course include the role of human resources in the management process, human-resources planning and forecasting, job information systems, recruitment and selection, human-resources development and staff appraisals, compensation, legal framework, and performance management.

Course Syllabus

This Course Consists of the following units:

  • Introduction to HRM
  • Recruitment and Selection
  • Performance Management
  • Training & Development
  • Rewarding Employees
  • Equal Opportunity and Diversity

Awarding Body: