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CIMC Ethics

Ethics and Standards

The Code of Conduct is binding on all those members not in practice as management consultants - including retired members and Organizational Affiliates. Members of CIMC give advice to all levels of management and with this comes the obligation to maintain the highest standards of integrity and competence.

In recognition of their obligations to clients, to the public at large and to the profession, all members annually agree in writing to comply with CIMC's Code of Professional Conduct, and to undertake relevant continuing professional development activities.

Code of Professional Conduct

Chartered Institute of Management Consultants® (CIMC) Code of Professional Conduct is structured on three principles:

  • Meeting the client's requirements;
  • Integrity, independence, objectivity;
  • Responsibility to the profession and to the CIMC.

These principles are underpinned by detailed rules, which are specific injunctions, and practical notes.

Definitions used on The Code of Professional Conduct
  • Member: Chartered members of CIMC.
  • Client: The person, firm or organization with whom the member makes an agreement or contract for the provision of services.
  • Declaration: A written statement referring to and disclosing the facts relevant to the situations covered by particular Rules of the Code.
  • Independent: In a position to express your own opinion freely without any control or influence from others outside the consulting organization, and without the need to consider the impact of such opinion to your own interests.

Members are liable to disciplinary action if their conduct is found, by the Disciplinary Committee of the CIMC be in contravention of the Code, or to bring discredit to the profession or to the CIMC In accordance with the Code, members may be required to make a declaration in answer to enquiries from the CIMC concerning their professional conduct.

A member failing to make such a declaration may be found in breach of the Principle to which the rule or note relates.